The world of workspaces has been flooded by a culture where a more modular, flexible, open, and shared way of working brings people together, perspectives, knowledge, and skills. This very culture resembles everything that is so important to Spaniards – how they feel, share, connect with each other, and above all – how they live. And, on that basis, from that same authentic essence, emerged esPattio, a subsidiary of Forma 5.

The name esPattio, of Spanish origin, reflects life echoing to the heart of the house: the patio. That is where neighbours co-exist and share, as workers and departments that are opened to enrich the outlook and knowledge. A living, flexible place that lends itself to socialisation, and cooperation between people and teams. A place where voices, ideas and projects exist. A place where life, work, and the blend of both thrive. That’s esPattio. A way of working that resembles how we live.

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Patrick Norguet

Josep Llusca


Yonoh Studio

Jorge Herrera

Simon Pengelly