Thulema’s design

  • is built on an understanding of people’s work environment needs
  • is creative, offering new ideas to better organise office space
  • is timeless, aspires to a perfect, self-explanatory simplicity
  • is environment and people friendly
  • is refined to the last detail and perfectly executed
  • is inspiring and encouraging.

Thulema creates and develops solutions for public spaces. Compared to other companies, Thulema’s advantage lays in its technological expertise which enables it to produce the most complex of designs.

The projects are divided into basic, project and special solutions. If your needs differ from basic solutions, our designers, engineers, factory and fitters will assist you in carrying out your unique project or special design solution.


Thulema is related to i s e a s i design bureau which brings together the sharpest product and furniture designers in Estonia. Thulema´s cooperation with the design team does not mean only creating new products but involves also implementing of design to the development and actions of the firm.