Warranty Conditions

Thulema provides a 2-year warranty for its veneered furniture and a 5-year warranty for other furniture, which is valid from the day you receive the product.

If the product needs to be repaired during the specified warranty period, we ask you to go to the nearest Thulema shop and submit a written complaint. When applying for warranty repairs, proof of purchase with the purchase or receipt date and the name of the product must be submitted.

If the product is covered under warranty, Thulema will perform the repair work where the product is located. Where this is not applicable, Thulema will transport the furniture to a designated repair shop at its own expense. If the product is not covered under warranty, the buyer is responsible for the costs of repairs and spare parts. In case of a disagreement, an independent expert assessment is sought and the party who caused the damage is obliged to compensate for the costs.

The warranty does not apply to mechanical damage, water and heat damage..

The warranty does not apply if

  • furniture has been used inappropriately and the requirements and recommendations in the instruction manual have been ignored;
  • during the warranty period furniture has been moved elsewhere and therefore damaged, or the adjustable
    components are not adjusted correctly;
  • during the warranty period furniture has been repaired by the buyer or if care instructions have not been followed;
  • parts not originally intended for the furniture have been added to the furniture;
  • furniture has been damaged due to inappropriate handling, storage or transportation.

The warranty does not cover

  • normal wear and tear and colour fading;
  • normal maintenance required through use (incl. tightening screws, bolts and ties);
  • easily breakable materials (glass, artificial materials etc);
  • electrical and additional appliances installed in the furniture by the customer.