Sitness Urban Madrid

Product news from Topstar

14. July 2020

Our dear partner Topstar has launched a marvelous new seating collection called Sitness® Urban inspired by the magic of the big citiesand the diversity and richness of cultural influences that meet in the world‘s metropolises.
Each series in the collection is as unique as the flair of a big city. The new Sitness® Urban collection from Topstar is characterized by its wealth of variations. Thanks to the choice of a wide range of bases, fabrics, seat shells and colours, there are more than 10,000 possible combinations available. Be
inspired and create your own big city style. Peep the series of chairs, stools and armchairs included in the Sitness® Urban collection.

Raises interest? Ask for information from Thulema’s showroom – Kitman Thulema is authorized dealer of Topstar and Wagner in Estonia.

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Showroom open as of May 18th

15. May 2020

No need to necessarily call beforehand or wave us from the window any more – as of Monday we are officially open again.

In the best interest of everyone’s health let’s go on keeping a friendly 2 metre distance and obey the 2+2 rules, wash hands and disinfect surfaces.

See you!

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Showroom closed temporarily

16. March 2020


Dear visitor

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to protect the health and safety of our employees and customers Thulema’s showroom is temporarily closed until the end of the emergency situation. You are welcome to visit our virtual showroom at

We continue our daily work remotely from home offices. Our working hours are the usual: Mon-Fri 9-17. You are welcome to contact your project manager in Thulema directly or send e-mail to

Production in the factory of Kitman Thulema is continuing and goods are shipped out. Information will be updated in case the conditions change.

Should you have any questions regarding the status of your order, please contact directly your project manager in Thulema or send e-mail to

Yours sincerely


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KROG has renewed colours

7. June 2019

The colour palette of Krog desks has an update. The good old Krog remains strikingly simple; the range comes with all the needed elements and without any bells and whistles to push up the price.

Krog’s desktops are made of durable and easily maintainable 22 mm melamine boards, available in three different colours (white / stone grey / steel grey) and three wood imitations (birch / fair ash / walnut). Krog’s drawer units and auxiliary surface cases are made of 19 mm boards and come in light or dark grey, and in white.

To top an already perfect solution, brightly coloured additional elements (folder holders, desk shelves, customer surfaces to expand the desk, screens and modesty panels) have been added to create comfort with a twist of individuality. Krog’s bright additional elements are made of thin and durable MDF board and come in five colours: old good cream and brick red and newcomers cranberry rose, olive green and blue of Sargasso sea. The furniture’s metal details are available in both grey and white.

The renewal of Krog’s colour palette brings along some changes in colours of cabinets as well. Fair ash melamine replaces oak sonoma white melamine in the selection of finishes of Moi and More. Also the accent colours for More are renewed: old good cream and brick red remain, and newcomers cranberry rose, olive green and blue of Sargasso sea are added to the selection.

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Tallinn Design Festival @Thulema’s showroom

6. September 2018

We cordially invite you to the events in our showroom at the Tallinn Design Festival Disainiöö 2018! More detailed information below.

During the Design Festival week September 10 to 14th  Thulema showroom is also open longer: 9 – 18.

September 12th

14:00 Human Centric Lighting

Light has a huge effect on people. It does not just enable us to see. It also stimulates us and affects our mood and activity. As we spend a lot of our time indoors, especially in winter, the qualities of artificial lighting around us are important.
Human centric lighting solutions support people’s circadian rhythm, improve concentration, prevent sleep issues and improve our wellbeing as a whole. This is possible due to the latest knowledge of the biological effects of light, and the latest innovations in lighting technology.
Valdo Ruul is here to give an introduction to the issue, and to present the smart light fittings and lighting systems by Luxo/Glamox.

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September 13th

13:00 Office to Come / lecture

Today’s work needs new practices and tomorrow’s spaces.
The designer of many Thulema’s products, Martin Pärn lectures about the ways we will work in our office soon.

14:00 Well-being in All Areas / product presentation

The concept of dynamic sitting ensures a healthy back and is partly responsible for the huge success of the Wagner collection.
Karsten Buchfelner from Wagner-Living will introduce their latest product developments like the multiple awarded D1 collection, and present a wide portfolio of design products for well-being in all areas.

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Kitman Thulema launched a new eco-friendly finishing technology

17. September 2015

In August, Kitman Thulema activated a new powder technology-based finishing line. The new technology will allow the introduction of a number of significant changes affecting the quality. Significant improvement in the quality of finishing, increases in overall productivity, and most importantly – through the phosphate free pretreatment of components – the environmental impact is reduced.
The pretreatment is designed to clean all dirt, grease and particles from the treated material before finishing. In addition, pretreatment gives the coating a favorable adhesion surface and improves the corrosion resistance of the components. Traditionally, in the capacity of the pretreatment and coating, on the metal parts of the furniture to be installed indoors was also used the so-called ‘iron phosphate’ process. However, we have eliminated the use of phosphates! Phosphates have had adverse impacts on the environment because they contain large amounts of phosphoric acid or phosphate. Phosphates cause strong eutrophication of water bodies, and therefore, the EU has banned the use thereof, for example, in household detergents. Iron phosphating also produces a lot of sediment, which should be treated as hazardous waste. The new technology and method does not contain phosphates; the detergent surfactant is completely biodegradable – thus we are able to minimize the burden on the environment.
We will use the new technology in the production of the various parts of tables and office furniture, shelves, school furniture and upholstered furniture.
We introduced the new finishing line with the help of the EAS program “Support of a large investor for an industrial undertaking” in the course of which an investment was made in Kitman Thulema production technology in the volume of 3.24 million EUR, of which the EAS support amounted to EUR 800,000, the remainder was self-financed by Thulema.

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