Brand: Intuit by Softrend

August – series of sofas with sound-absorbing qualities created especially for open-plan work-environments.
The sofas come in a range of widths and heights, allowing you to create free-standing islands of privacy of different shapes and sizes where you can hold mini-meetings, delve into paperwork or make important phone calls away from the busier working areas. In terms of style, August is chic in a slightly reserved way and very composed. The asymmetrical back rest cushions, which resemble sea stones, provide a friendly accent. The functional nature of August has been packaged in a compact, modest form that’s designed to fit in with any interior.


  • frame – solid wood and plywood
  • seat and backrest – durable and fireproof HR-foam; fixed seat & back cushions; wide range of cover materials, including flame-retardant textiles; sides and rear wall of H3 models: felt cover fabric
  • legs depending on chosen model: metal-wood framed legs; solid wood oak finishing options on special order: solid wood ash stained and varnished / metal legs; powder-coated metal; anti-slip soles  / 360° rotating metal leg, models S-1
  • additional tables: Valchromat mdf; frame: powder-coated metal
  • Workbay wall fastenings: powder-coated metal


Designer: Pent Talvet/ Iseasi

Warranty: 5 years