Clean-room chairs

Our partner  Throna’s clean-room chairs are developed and produced in response to specific needs of protected production lines and research laboratories, such as clean and aseptic rooms, where it is required to control the amount of polluting particles.

Throna offers a wide range of chairs and stools, each one of them with different technical characteristics able to respond to different operating postures, starting from class ISO 8 environments where a limited technical prescription is contemplated and ending with chairs where more specific requirements are a must (ISO 5).

The Clean-room chairs are offered either in resistant, non slippery black ESD pvc with an internal foam that is high in density and highly flame retardant foam or in ESD Pu-Soft material. A separate category is dedicated to clean-room chairs but non ESD, for applications where particular care is given to the emission of dust but not the need of ESD characteristics. The chairs are available on two different
polished aluminum bases, according to the clean-room class required.

The castors, when present, are offered with a soft rubber ring for a smooth rolling of the chair. On the most sophisticated models, the rubber seams seal perfectly the internal padding of the seat and the backrest, while a Hepa filter allows for the release of air from the seat yet controlling the particle emission. The lubrication system of the seat height adjustment piston (no oil-lick) avoids any potential release of grease from the piston steel column itself. Everything has been developed in such detail to respond to international standards and reach the highest level of competitiveness in the market