Delta is a sound-absorbing system floating in the air, like a soft and generous flight of kites. Delta protects the user from noise while delimiting a space of quietude.

An MDF core with mineral wool filling and external cover of textile.


  • Delta One 540x1330mm
  • Delta Two 730x990mm
  • Delta Three 520x830mm
  • Thickness absorber 60 mm

Standard fabrics

  • Price group 1: Cara, Carlow (Camira Fabrics), Event Screen (Gabriel)
  • Price group 2: Blazer Lite (Camira Fabrics), Twist (Gabriel), Floyd Screen (Kvadrat)
  • Price group 3: Gaja, Fame (Gabriel), Remix (Kvadrat), Blazer, Synergy (Camira)
  • Price group 4: Melange Nap, Fiord (Kvadrat)

Designer: Constance Guisset

Tootja: Zilenzio

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