Brand: Zilenzio

Delta is a sound-absorbing system encompassing ceiling and wall series.

Delta ceiling is floating in the air, like a soft and generous flight of kites. Delta Wall expands the aesthetics of the Delta ceiling to the walls and balances its soft curves with reliable acoustic dampening. Delta protects the user from noise while delimiting a space of quietude. Delta is available in different sizes and can be color matched harmoniously to suit all applications and spaces.

An MDF core with mineral wool filling and external cover of textile.


  • Delta One 540x1330mm
  • Delta Two 730x990mm
  • Delta Three 520x830mm
  • Thickness absorber 60 mm

Standard fabrics

  • Price group 1: Cara, Carlow (Camira Fabrics), Event Screen (Gabriel)
  • Price group 2: Blazer Lite (Camira Fabrics), Twist (Gabriel), Floyd Screen (Kvadrat)
  • Price group 3: Gaja, Fame (Gabriel), Remix (Kvadrat), Blazer, Synergy (Camira)
  • Price group 4: Melange Nap, Fiord (Kvadrat)

Designer: Constance Guisset