Brand: OMP

KLC is a polypropylene monoshell chair designed to create numerous customisable solutions.
The chair comes in educational version, combining the shell with a (swivel 5-star base) and
an Ipad or book holder, or with a 6-castor base, height 23cm in light grey or anthracite
plastic, which acts as a practical storage compartment. Both edu 5 stars and edu basket are
provided with a robust swivel tablet arm, ideal for school use.


  • Fibreglass-filled polypropylene one-piece shell.
  • Swivel version: The central support is made of die-cast aluminium and can be plain or epoxy-polyester coated, colours embossed light grey or anthracite, average thickness 50 micron.
  • The tablet arm support is made of tubular steel Ø25 mm, thickness 1.5 mm, and central tube Ø 40 mm, thickness 2 mm, in compliance with UNI EN10305-3:2003. MIG welded. The support for the tablet can have two heights, 23cm or 28 cm, referred to the useful space between seat and under tablet. The 23cm version has as optional a cover in polypropylene with glass fiber. The tablet is in
    polypropylene loaded with fiberglass.
  • The IPAD holder below the seat is made of PP.
  • Gas column diameter 50 mm.
  • 5-star die-cast aluminium base.
  • “Edu basket” base with 6 castors made of fibreglass-filled nylon, colours light grey and
    anthracite, with revolving column of 23 cm height.


Shell and object holder colours:

  • anthracite
  • pearl grey
  • carrot orange
  • white
  • light green
  • yellow
  • sky blue

Basket base colours

  • anthracite
  • pearl grey

Aluminium parts:

  • lead grey fined textured
  • light grey fined textured

Design: Alegre Design