Brand: Normann Copenhagen

Decorative wooden figures

The Icelandic designer Sigurjón Pálsson has created a range of characterful wooden birds. The Shorebirds are turned from solid oak and their simple unadorned silhouette gives them an almost stylized expression. At the same time, a great deal of care has been paid to the small details such as variations in body thicknesses, neck length, and the positioning of the legs and beak. This gives all three birds their own unique personality and allows the design to come alive.

Sigurjón Pálsson says: “I’ve been fascinated by birds since childhood and have observed them for almost as long as I can remember. Therefore, I always knew that, eventually, I would incorporate birds into my design. The natural light brown color of the oak wood is similar in color to the birds that inspired my design. The various positions of the birds are modelled on the natural body position a wading bird has when looking for food in the sand and on the shoreline. The coloured legs and beak complete this expression.”

Size & Weight:
H: 14 x L: 22 x D: 6,5 cm
0,27 kg
H: 11 x L: 15 x D: 5,5 cm
0,175 kg
H: 7,5 x L: 11,5 x D: 4,5 cm
0,09 kg

Design: Sigurjón Palssón