Sitness 4D

Brand: Topstar

Take the strain off your back with the new Sitness 4D. The 4D movements of the new seat alternative allows both the back and the concentration to be promoted. The specially shaped sole allows for a slight front tilt, allowing for optimal support at work. Thanks to the minimalist handle on the back, the Sitness 4D is always at your side.

Sitting in motion in a new way.



Technical description


  • Newly designed, infinitely variable seat height adjustment
  • Ergonomic hand recess
  • Ergonomic foot ring
  • Comfortable active saddle seat
  • Light total weight


  • Seat height 53-64 cm (unencumbered)
  • Seat width 37,5 cm
  • Seat depth 36 cm
  • Backrest height 57 cm