Sitness Life 40

Brand: Topstar

Newly designed office chair – fits in all areas application …timeless and beautiful – minimalistic design, strong in character


  • Seat height adjustable in various positions by safety gaslift
  • Patented Sitness-joint for three dimensional sitting – the corpus follows the movements of the user in every direction
  • Continuous and stable polyamide frame in modern design language covered with mesh for comafortable sitting
  • Breathable mesh cover – self-supporting, ergonomically tensioned mesh
  • Ergonomically formed polyamide armrests, which are connected to the corpus harmoniously


  • Seat height (white) 43-52 cm
  • Seat height (black) 43-56 cm
  • Seat width 47 cm
  • Seat depth 44 cm
  • Backrest height 48 cm
  • Total height 84-104 cm

Producer: Topstar