Titan 20

Brand: Wagner

For the Titan series only the highest quality materials are used. The relevant parts consist of classic polished aluminium or satin chromed aluminium. Titan visitor chairs with their three-dimensional movement technique offer an unprecedented sit feeling – for all the people that want to stay active and focused, even if it’s a long meeting.


Aluminium pedestal, polished
Dondola® Seat mechanism
Ergonomically shaped comfort seat
Plastic components black or white
Backrest optionally with breathable mesh or upholstery cover
Self regulating syncron mechanism, that automatically adjusts itself to body weight
Seat depth adjustment
Special depth suspension


Aluminium matte pedestal
Aluminium components polished or chrome-plated
Frame matte chrome
Hard grounds wheels
Hard Mechanics (50-90 kg)
Hard mechanism (70-120 kg)
Headrest (height adjustable and tiltable)
Magnetic lumbar pad in fabric or leather (not with W-fabrics)
Multifunctional armrest TITAN White or black, matt or polished
Backside covered in the same colour BI-fabric
XXL-Mechanics from 90 kg