Location: Tartu
Opening 2013
Architects: Martin Kinks, Risto Parve, Kai Süda, Margit Valma (Karisma Arhitektid), Diana Taalfeld (NU Arhitektuur)
Interior decorator: Tõnis Kalve
Client: Tartu linn
Area: 1600 m2

When the looks of the Nature House oppresses on simplicity, then the interior is actually pretty complicated. The center has a powerful multi-level conservatory, exhibition halls, various classrooms and offices. “The goal was to achieve internal and external space merge, for that we used as much as possible natural materials and not too figurative forms,” says interior architect Tõnis Kalve. “The botanical garden that runs through the building and is basically seen in the each section of the house, both inside and outside, helped out in the creation of the desired overall impression.”