For more than 35 years, Forma 5 has been at the forefront of the office furniture and chairs industry. Its journey began with a vision, a commitment to crafting functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture that resonates with modern workspaces.

Navigating an ever-shifting market landscape marked by constant change and fierce competition, Forma 5 stands tall, meeting the demands of an astute and discerning clientele. These are clients who seek more than just furniture – they seek comfort, efficiency, and an elevated work experience.

To achieve this, Forma 5 embraces innovation as its guiding principle. Innovation isn’t just a buzzword—it’s the driving force behind the company’s evolution. A continuous pursuit of improvement fuels their journey, where each product iteration aims to be more efficient, more comfortable, and better suited to the needs of the modern workplace.

The heart of Forma 5’s success lies in their design process. This isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s about making a real impact on the end user’s experience. Everything from ergonomic considerations to visual appeal, industrial design, the selection of top-tier materials, and the infusion of innovative technology forms the bedrock of their creative process.

In this commitment to quality and excellence, Forma 5’s dedication goes beyond mere words. It’s a promise embedded in their every creation, in every detail meticulously thought out to enhance workplaces and uplift work experiences.

CERTIFICATES Their commitment isn’t just a claim—it’s a practice. Every step, from design to production and distribution, adheres to strict regulations and the organization’s own high standards. Each product that bears the Forma 5 name is a testament to their dedication to quality, functionality, and responsible practices.


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Jorge Herrera


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