Kiri is a robust series of tables with a clear expression. Natural linoleum covered table tops, ashen legs and sheet steel fixing structure for legs create a modern and fresh ensemble. As is characteristic to work desks, Kiri is height adjustable without the need of tools.

The series includes desks, meeting tables and a round table for smaller meetings.

A screen of woolen fabric that covers the space under the desk can also be chosen for the tables, as well as a table-top screen or an elegant and distinctive pencil drawer.

The new office – an ensemble that exudes homey coziness in a practical and business-like way; a space where there is nothing left of the old school office. That is exactly what we want!

Designers: Martin Pärn, Kaspar Torn / iseasi

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Desktop charcoal

Desktop mushroom

Desktop smokey blue

Desktop olive

Desktop pohl

Welsh moor

White cliffs

Wooden parts


Metal parts

RAL white

Screen fabric


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