Thulema creates 21st-century furniture for 21st-century office and public spaces. We hold our work to the highest standards of quality, from our brainstorming sessions to our collaboration with clients, and through the crafting and installation of our furniture.

Thulema is Estonian by origin. Our journey began in 1992, and today, more than 30 years later, we maintain a similar position in the market, with the same enthusiasm to offer customers much more than just characterless office desks. Over time, we have evolved from a furniture manufacturer to a work environments creator.

Thulema’s long and fruitful partnership with the Estonian produc design agency i s e a s i, which gathers the sharpest top product and furniture designers in Estonia, goes beyond just creating new products. It encompasses a comprehensive integration of design possibilities into the company’s development and operations. Office furniture often tends to be characterless, but i s e a s i’s creativity has never allowed that.

Thulema’s collection is contained within complete product families where the products don’t compete with each other but rather complement, allowing for significantly broader combinations of various interior solutions. Nowadays, when #kontoreioleenamkontor (means ’office is no longer the office but more like a home’), we have reimagined work. The office needs to be turned upside down to support this new way of working. Thulema has accepted this challenge and redefined itself, offering a different kind of playroom – a furniture that can adapt, granting freedom to individuals and enabling the creation of flexible, collage-rich environments.

The uniqueness of the Thulema collections lies in the multifacetedness of Nordic design, including the modularity of the new era, as well as old hits that never get tired of time.

For example, the award-winning Thulema office furniture series KROG received the main prize in 2006 and remains a favorite among our clients. Customers also continue to favor our long-standing designs such as LOOV and THOR.

Thulema’s new concept includes table and active partition series, as well as quirky small furniture elements. Some are subtle and unassuming, while others are expressive and bold.

Our elegant café-style table series SKÄR offers a variety of table shapes, from small ovals to large platters. These tables are designed for versatile use and have no front or back side.

The table series is complemented by mobile acoustic partitions on wheels, which can carry a whiteboard, a television, or shelves, providing the flexibility to change and divide spaces as needed.

The eye-catching RAHN shelf – a modern alternative to drawers and cabinets – is a characterful piece of furniture that provides a place for a handbag and contactless mobile charging.

Expressive, colorful SÄLK wall shelves offer an exciting contrast to the pastel-toned table series.

Thulema’s new genuine and distinctive table VINT is designed with ergonomics and optimal user comfort in mind. Finding the preferred height for your workstation is simple, logical, authentic, and without an electric motor. VINT is a nominee for the Estonian Design Award Bruno 2022.

Thulema’s inspiring workspaces await you in our showroom at Pärnu mnt 158.