The table series SKÄR has been created for a new office, where ‘work does not sit behind one fixed desk, but moves around the entire room’. SKÄR tables, with more than 100 different combinations of sizes and shades, can be used from every side, thus inviting people around.

The modular structure based on one central series system allows creating a rich harmony in different usage functions. The characteristic oval profile legs attached in the middle leave more space at the edges of the table for more flexible use.

SKÄR’s character is a balance on the border of clear recognition and discretion, being an identity-giving object in a laconic space. And in a more modest configuration, invisible enough to leave the space creator free, to match everything, to shift the emphasis elsewhere.

The accompanying accessories – table shelf and screens – can be easily added, giving the desk a specific function.

The SKÄR series is a well-thought-out, high-quality, aesthetic, planet-friendly, morally and physically durable durable product.


Material: steel, laminated fiberboard (Fenix)

Design by Janno Nõu, Martin Pärn, Pent Talvet



Pohl (RAL 3007)

Öö (RAL 5008)

Süsi (RAL 7021)

Udu (RAL 7037)

Table top (laminate)


Rock CS 46 coffee

Rock CS 06 nutmeg

Stella 53 midnight

Stella 38 antracite

Stella 31 grey melange

Rock CS 43 cold green