Electrically adjustable series of tables.

Electrical table legs give a quick and easy opportunity to adjust the height of the desktop, so that it is possible to sit behind it at a height just right for you, or at a higher sitting position, e.g., on a saddle stool, or even to stand. The possibility of different working positions helps prevent neck, back and shoulder problems.

User options:

  • With a single push of a button, you can set the table to the desired height.
  • “Grows” with the child.
  • Suitable also for an employee in a wheelchair.
  • Why not have short meetings in while standing.
  • Can be used alone or together with other tables.

We offer tables with the widths of 1350/1600/1800/2000 and depths of 800mm. Colors for the tabletop: white, steel gray, stone gray, birch, walnut and acacia.