Creative rooms are spacious and open, furnished scantily and diversely they exude freshness and lightness.

Creative rooms are often changing, being able to grow and re-conform, offering a variety of roles for variable work.

Creative rooms are created for people, imperceptibly comfortable and snugly convenient encouraging thoughts and inspiring work.

We have designed a series of Loov workplaces in order to fit the new work environment brimming with ideas.

Tables with a gently soft line are easily adjustable according to the size of the user. The functionality of the worktop is enhanced by the desktop shelves and airy textile screens. The overall impression of lightness of the ensemble is not deceptive. The rooms furnished with Loov can be easily reorganized to meet changing needs. Table types allow the creation of both meeting and seminar rooms, office environments lined up in a businesslike manner as well as work islands in an environment requiring close interaction. The high tables of Loov offer a solution for short conversations over a cup of coffee, during which truly new ideas are born. Loov has also found a place in many homes, furnishing practical and comfortable nooks.



Deep brown

Pearl white

Sand grey

Crystal blue

Legs, metal parts

RAL blackish brown

Desk shelf

Sand grey

Screen fabric

Sand grey