Brand: ENEA

Kubika is a modular seating system that lets you create unlimited configurations through the combination of individual modules and accessories that are easily assembled. Its versatility and sophisticated design with simple lines make it highly adaptable to any environment or to any specific needs.

Kubika features modular seats with or without a backrest, with end or intermediate arms, and with different types of tables. All the seats can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics and are mounted on a lacquered steel frame which can be connected to several types of aluminium legs. The seat is made using a wooden mould filled with 3 densities of foam, which is part of the bracing of the whole assembly, and which guarantees the durability of this product, as opposed to products which include straps or springs.





Technical description

  • Laminated steel tube frame
  • Leg joints made of injected aluminium
  • Wooden modules
  • Varnished wood with matte finish

The accessories available for Kubika modular benches:

  • Intermediate arm
  • Union table top (45º/60º/90º)
  • Rectangular/Square union table
  • Side table
  • Writing table
  • USB charger
  • Linking device


  • Eco-designed (ISO 14006)
  • FSC or PEFC certified birch/oak veneer laminated wood from sustainable forests
  • Polyurethane foam free from latex and hazardous substances
  • Selection of upholstery fabrics made from wool, recycled (and recyclable) fibres, or leather
  • Highly recyclable PP with low additive content, according to EU recommendations for the improvement of plastic recyclability
  • The number of components has been reduced, and their ease of separation has been enhanced, to make the end-of-life phase more manageable. All these components are 100% recyclable or reusable
  • Steel and aluminium: 100% recyclable (80% from recycled sources)


  • Environment management system that meets ISO 14001
  • Indoor Advantage Gold certified (indoor air quality)