Naturally, most people put the things they use on their desk. Over time, however, this tends to take up space and easily get messy.

Luckily, Kondator has a variety of solutions that help keep even the smallest desks organised without compromising functionality. Kondator’s LiftSystem concept allows to hang the computer, it’s cables and the dust bin under the table, which effectively frees up space on both the desk and floor.

LiftSystem concept includes computer holders LiftLap, LiftHolder and LiftFlex and paper- and recycling system LiftSopi. Put together the solution you need with a variety of modules, and simply slide it onto the mounted rail underneath your desk. These can easily be interchanged if different features are needed.


An ingenious patented and flexible design that stores your laptop horizontally or vertically beneath the desk. 360° rotatable, and can be folded vertically 90° for optimal space-saving. LiftLap can also be supplemented with a LiftSystem rail for sliding. Suitable for both desktop and laptop computers giving you two functions in one and the same holder. Therefore avoiding unnecessary costs if you hang to another type of computer in the future. Complement with LiftSystem’s patented clasp strap for stable assembly.


A practical and flexible holder for your laptop, where the laptop is placed on a pocket under the table. Can be advantageously complemented with LiftSopi Recycling System for multifunctionality.

Comes with pre-installed pads for a softer bearing surface, and LiftSopi Multi-Cradle.


Gives easy access to both horizontally and vertically placed computers. May for expanded accessibility also be supplemented with LifStsystem sliding track, which means simple take-down of the CPU holder on the floor.

Patented strap catch for extremely firm and secure positioning. Fits computers with up to 1500 mm circumference.


A practical paper- and recycling system to be mounted under the table. Optional additional accessories include hang-on waste sack, extra waste bin and extra self.

Warranty: 5 years

Producer: Kondator

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