Brand: VS

For pupil work stations to be ergonomic, it is crucial that the chairs and tables are adapted to body size. The PantoMove swivel chair is not only infinitely height-adjustable and can thus adapt to individual requirements; it also has an innovative 3D tilt mechanism that enables dynamic sitting. The seat responds to every shift in weight and tilts accordingly, in a forward or backward direction or to the side. This dynamic seat is thus able to give pupils that freedom of movement that is indispensable for healthy posture development and continued concentration.

Frame consisting of an aluminum star-foot and plastic-covered gas spring mechanism. Available as Fixed model with non-adjustable seat height or height-adjustable Lift model.

Seat shell made from double-walled, structured polypropylene (LuPo) for comfortable seating with air cushion. With concealed seat fixing and grip hole.

Five star aluminium base available with powder coated finish available in 11 standard finishes. Seat shell available in 11 different colours.

Producer: VS (Vereinigte Spezialmöbelfabriken)