A line of chairs, stools and standing-aid for production areas, warehouses, and manual jobs in front of production machines. Their main feature is the curved five-star base that guarantees a safe balance and support with a limited surface. The base is coated in special anthracite gray paint with high resistance to shock and scratches.

The space underneath the base, obtained thanks to the five raised legs, allows for an easy cleaning of the floor underneath the base itself. The line includes different types of chairs – upholstered, wood, pu-soft polyurethane and polypropylene – to meet the needs of production environments one different from another. Chairs and stools are provided with quick and easy to operate adjustment devices. The standing-aid model is particularly suited to locations where operators must move frequently during the production process, as it offers good support, which reduces fatigue, and promoting the almost upright position, which is necessary while operating in front of some equipment.

A simple but effective solution to differentiate, also with the chairs, the different production areas; an increasing need of the industrial sector. Throna offers the possibility, upon request, to provide all its products with an epoxy painted color matching the customer request.