Brand: SILEN

SILEN phone booths are elegant and stylish with a wide range of color options. They are easily transportable and can be expanded or reduced in size. Based on test results, they are the best phone booths in Estonia, providing privacy for users and a quiet working environment for colleagues.

The uniqueness of the Silen product line lies in its concept, which allows for the adjustment of the size of the phone booths as needed. A room for four people can be expanded by connecting modules to accommodate up to 12 people for meetings. Silen booths have wheels integrated into the floor for easy mobility, and adjustable legs for stability. The exterior of the booths is covered in durable laminate available in 3 standard and 29 special colors. The soundproofing is excellent, and the booths have efficient air circulation. The standard design includes an integrated desk, seats, whiteboard, video conferencing readiness, air circulation, and adjustable lighting.

Thulema offers various sizes and configurations of Silen phone booths. SILEN SPACE 1 is available for testing at the Thulema showroom located at Pärnu mnt 158, Tallinn.

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  • Weight: 370 kg
  • Glass options: up to Rw 40 dB
  • Exterior dimensions: 110 x 110 x 229 cm
  • Interior dimensions: 90 x 101 x 205 cm
  • Door orientation: left or right-handed
  • Sound insulation: 34 dB (ISO 16283-1)
  • Integrated air circulation system (minimum air circulation speed of 27 l/s)
  • LED lighting (6.7W)
  • Power outlets: 110-240V, USB-A, USB-C charger