Xoko Central Column

Brand: Akaba

Xoko Central Column, part of the Xoko collection, is an exceptionally comfortable single-legged stool. Its wide seat and supportive backrest provides a symmetrical and asymmetrical seating experience, allowing for sitting in various directions. With a wide selection of fabrics and stem colours to choose from, this dynamic family of chairs adds vibrancy to any space.

Design: Iratzoki Lizaso



Technical description

Swivel stool program with central column and fixed height, available in 2 heights.
Column: 50 mm diameter and 2 mm thickness made of steel.
Footrest with 4 spokes: 14 mm diameter and 2 mm thick made of steel.
Seat: One-piece metal frame with injected polyurethane 65 kg / m3 CAL 117 flame retardant and carcinogenic chemical free.
Metallic finishes: Powder epoxy/polyester paint 50-90 microns thick depending on color, adhesion ISO 2409 Gt 0 and impact ASTM 2794 2.5 Joule D/R.
Upholstery: See fabric specifications according to manufacturer.