Brand: SILEN

Elegant yet affordable, Chatbox by Silen offers exceptional soundproof cabins designed for various needs. These cabins are perfect for open office environments where concentration, private phone calls, or creative meetings are essential. Available in a wide range of colors, these easy-to-install cabins enhance productivity and creativity while ensuring privacy for users and a quieter atmosphere for colleagues. Effective air circulation is also guaranteed within the cabin. The selection includes single, double, and quadruple Chatbox by Silen soundproof cabins.

Thulema offers a variety of Chatbox by Silen soundproof cabins in different sizes and configurations. Experience the Chatbox by Silen 1 at the Thulema showroom located at Pärnu mnt 158, Tallinn. Visit us to see and test it for yourself!



Technical description

Weight: 330 kg

External dimensions: 100 x 100 x 220 cm

Dimensions: 87 x 98 x 204 cm

Frame: powder coated steel panels

Exterior finish versions: black (RAL9011) or white (RAL9003) as a standard solution, ask us for more information about other color versions

Sound intensity: 34 db (ISO 16283-1)

Glass wall and door made of soundproof laminated glass

Handedness of the door: left- or right-handed

The interior walls and ceiling are covered with gray acoustic felt, the floor is covered with an antistatic dirt-repellent carpet (EN 1307).

In-cabin air circulation system and LED lighting

Power sockets: 110-240 V, USB-A, USB-C charger